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Feng Shui Ray

Authentic, Traditional Feng Shui Readings and Seminars.

Ray Langley and Lisa Wilder have joined together to present
"Genuine Feng Shui" to the global community.

Ray and Lisa are the moderators of the following mailing
lists on

ChineseFengShui, ChineseAstrology, and IChing_YiJing.

We offer special methods and techniques for selling Real Estate, Building Site Selection, and "Beautiful Skin". We also offer a special service for selecting an auspicious date and time for important events such as opening a new business, moving into a new residence, getting married, etc.

We are available worldwide for all your feng shui needs,
business - commericial - or residential!

Ray and Lisa
March 2002

9559 Meadowgreen Circle
Sacramento, CA 95827-3229

Ray Phone: 916-363-8780 (Northern California)
Lisa Phone: 303-989-6797 (Denver, Colorado)

"Have Luopan, Will Travel!"

Questions or comments? Get in touch with us at:

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